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Conjugate the verbs in parentheses and write them in the space provided.

(To sell, affirmative) The pizza parlour twenty pizzas by the time I’ve made one!

(To call, negative) Leanne and Matt me before I get back from soccer practice.

(To go, affirmative) I home by the time the teacher gets here.

(To eat, negative) My cat ten bags of food by next year.

(To study, interrogative) the actors their lines all day by the time the shooting starts?

(To grow, affirmative) The tree at least twenty centimetres by the time you come back here.

(To begin, interrogative) winter by the time I buy my boots?

(To play, affirmative) I soccer for two years by then.

(To bring, negative) Pat my bag back by the time I buy a new one.

(To ring, affirmative) The doorbell five times before Will has finished his dinner,.