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Complete the sentences using the future perfect progressive tense. Use the verbs in brackets as a clue.

(To wait, affirmative) You for two hours when my plane finally arrives.

(To talk, interrogative) Rob about his girlfriend for three hours straight when I return?

(To work, affirmative) By next year, Sarah as a hairdresser for over twenty years.

(To take, negative) I a bath for two hours when Jennifer gets back from work.

(To sleep, negative) Cynthia for long when her husband arrives home from work.

(To dance, interrogative) When I get to the party Your cousin Jane for long?

(To bark, affirmative) The dogs for many hours when their master gets home.

(To write, affirmative) The teacher instructions for a whole hour when she finally stops.

(To lick, negative) The children their ice cream cone too long before it falls on the ground.

(To laugh, interrogative) Kayla for long when she takes a pause to breathe?