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Complete the sentences using the future perfect progressive tense. Use the verbs in brackets as a clue.

(To talk) I about my project for two hours by the time Josh arrives.

(To wash) My roommate the windows for 45 minutes before anyone offers to help.

(To boil) By the time I put the pasta in, the water for a few minutes.

(To claw) My cat the sofa for a while before I tell him to stop.

(To guard) The watchman the door for two hours before he is relieved.

(To hammer) By the time her neighbour complains, Kylee for an hour.

(To hug) We for a few minutes before we finally let go.

(To kick) Jennifer the ball many times before she finally hands it over to her teammate.

(To obey) The dog its master for a while before he cuts loose to run around.

(To wait) Before the doctor sees them, Philip and Sue for a few hours.