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Read the following opinion piece. Copy and paste the elements in the appropriate spaces.

Did you know that in many countries still today, innocent people are being killed for no reason at all? Can you imagine being put to death for a crime you didn’t commit? There are no two ways about it : the death penalty must be abolished.

Killing innocent people is never tolerable. Over 780 executions were carried out across the world last year. Can we say with certainty that they were all guilty? Since 1973, at least 121 innocent people were released from death row in the United States. Over that same period, 982 people were put to death. This means that one person out of nine was innocent. This is unacceptable.

The death penalty does not help deter crime. In fact, if we look at statistics from the United States, they show there are actually less murders in states where there is no death penalty. Can you believe that the highest regional murder rate is in the southern states, which account for 80 percent of total executions?

All in all, the statistics speak for themselves. The death penalty serves no purpose and kills innocent people. We must stop it now.

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