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Grammar  > Verbs and Verb Tenses > Be + Used to + Gerund and Repeated Past

Fill-in the blank with the following verbs by using either be + used to + gerund or the repeated past (used to).

drink / get / go / go / live / love / play / see / shovel / smoke / stay / work

I not milk, I prefer soft drinks.

I to work by bus. I do it all the time.

I skiing, but since I hurt my knee, I can’t ski anymore.

I here in the winter, but now I usually go to Florida.

you ? Do you do it every winter?

Selma not her way. Her sister always decides everything.

Kevin in a garage, but he now has a new job in a pharmacy.

My grandparents every Tuesday.

We in Hawaii, but I moved three years ago.

I cigars, but I quit five years ago.

Did you computer games when you were young?

She the birds flying South every winter. They always pass over her house.