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Write the correct reflexive pronouns in the blank spaces.

Last night Chelsea woke up in the middle of the night. She looked at in the mirror. She looked so tired. “How am I going to get to fall back asleep?” she thought. She had been suffering from insomnia for the past two weeks. Every night she would wake up and wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep.

“Try singing to sleep, it works for me,” her best friend had suggested. “My neighbours just bought this new high tech mattress. I’m sure that’s what you need!” had said her mother.

Chelsea knew that the problem would not take care of . She had to do something. “You’re making sick,” her mother had last told her on the phone. She was right. The problem was not going away, and it was probably a symptom of all the stress she had lived through lately. “Put into the caring arms of your doctor. She’ll know what to do!” was her sister’s advice. Chelsea grabbed the phone and made the call. She was going to get better.