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Vocabulary  > Phrasal Verbs 8 (Separable)

Rewrite the words in parenthesis in the right order. Make sure you separate the verbs from the prepositions.

(add, me, now, them, let, up) I have all the receipts, .

(hate,to, it, bring, I, up) , but do you have my money?

(called, the, out, his, teacher, name) but he was absent.

(fill, first, form, this, out, please) .

(figure, we, out, will, together, it) There is a solution, .

(back, give, scarf, your, to, that, brother) , he needs it today.

(look, over, to, the, contract) Did you have time ?

(it, let's, out, try) There’s a new pizza place nearby, .

( you, drop, can, off, it) on your way to work?

(used, Sarah, all, up, it) There’s no more shampoo, .