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Choose the right pronoun from the word bank and conjugate the verb in parentheses accordingly. The same pronoun can be used more than once.

another / anyone / anything / both / each / everybody / few / many

Very animals (to live, simple present) in the forest behind my house.

Can (to answer, simple present) my questions?

plumber (to come, present progressive) to fix our sink. The first one didn’t fix the problem.

person (to choose, simple present) his or her own instrument.

my parents (to live, simple present) in the same house. The two of them get along very well.

bikers (to come, present progressive) to the bike show this weekend.

I could still win, (to be, simple present) possible.

There are still a people who (to come, present progressive) .

If I do it, (to do, simple present) . And I mean every single person.

people (to have, simple present) the same hobby as I do.