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Complete the following sentences using the third conditional tense. Use the verbs in parentheses as a clue.

If Ada (to invite) him to the party, he would (to go).

If I (to watch) last week’s show, I would (to know) who the contestants were.

If Jessica and Matthew (to know) the price, they could (to buy) it.

Amy would (to love) to come if she (to be, negative) busy.

If you (to tell) Bryce where the soap was, he could (to do) the laundry.

We would (to order) pizza if we (to know) you were coming.

If Josh (to pay) more attention, he could (to pass) the first time.

If it (to rain, negative), Grace would (to clean) the pool.

Emma would (to ask) you out if you (to be, negative) with your girlfriend.