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Write the verbs in the subjunctive mood in the blank spaces. Use the words in parentheses as a clue.

Present: I (to prefer) that you (to watch) the movie with your glasses on.

Present: They (to propose) that the meeting (to be) adjourned.

Past: We (to suggest) he (to buy) a new pair of pants for the interview.

Past: It (to be) imperative that you (to choose) the best man for the job.

Future: It (to be) better if you (to try) the pants on before buying them.

Past: Josh (to insist) that I (to ride) to work with him.

Past: The doctor (to demand) that I (to take) my medication regularly.

Present: Donna (to request) that I (to come) to the party with her.

Future: Kyle and Dean (to recommend) that you (to sing) three songs at the concert.

Past: Chelsea (to urge) that her friend (to see) a doctor.

Past: The teacher (to demand) that the children (to sit) down properly on their chairs.

Present: Karen (to insist) that you (to eat) the sandwich she made you.