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Conjugate the verbs in parentheses in the past perfect to complete the following sentences. The clues provide the subject, the verb to use and the type of sentence.

(you, to eat, affirmative) When I arrived home, lunch already.

(I, to order, negative) The waiter brought me a meal that .

(we, to do, affirmative) I could not remember the work in class the day before.

(Mia, to try, interrogative) skiing before she took up snowboarding?

(Adam, to drive, affirmative) to the store before he noticed his wallet was missing.

(your brother, to sleep, interrogative) enough when we came to wake him up?

(I, to have, negative) my coffee yet, so I was not too talkative when you came to see me.

(Jade and Brent, to discuss, affirmative) the details of their honeymoon before they got married.

(you, to run, interrogative) five kilometers before getting to work this morning?

(Suyin, to visit, negative) her relatives in China since she went there in 2012.