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Write the verbs in the past perfect tense in the blank spaces. Use the words in parentheses as a clue.

My friend (to try) to open her car door with a clothes hanger before I called for a tow truck to help us get it open.

When Joey came by the cottage, I (to paint) half of it by then.

Bianca (to begin) her fitness class hours before I woke up.

The sun (to come) out before it stopped raining.

When I came in last night, my cat Fluffy (to eat) all his food.

When the postman delivered my letter, I (to tell) Sasha the news in person already.

The video game (to stop) working when I sat down to play with my friends.

The music (to play) on the radio for hours before I decided to turn up the volume.

When my mom made her famous pizza, my brother (to leave) already.

Kevin and I (to sit) on the sofa for an hour when his friend Adam decided to join us.