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Be careful! The sentences below use either the first, second or third conditional. Conjugate the verb in parentheses to complete the sentences correctly.

If Samantha was British, she (to have) an accent.

If you (to drink) too much wine, you will get drunk.

Ethan will buy a new car if he (to win) the lottery.

If I (to be) a man, I would hate to shave every day.

We won’t go for a jog tomorrow if it (to rain).

Isabella could (to go) shopping if she had not missed the bus.

If I go out tonight, I (to go) see a movie for sure.

If Joel won the lottery, he (to travel) for a year.

Cedric would (to get) a present for you if he had known you were coming.

If Jesse went to CEGEP he (to like) to study philosophy.

Carole would (to buy) tea if she hadn’t lost her wallet.

If Chad (to be) afraid of heights, he could not have gone on that roller coaster.