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Grammar  > Adjectives > Comparative Adjectives 1 (Simple)

Type in the correct form of the comparative adjective in parenthesis.

(tall, superiority) His little brother is him.

(long, superiority) The trip to Florida took expected.

(quiet, inferiority) My neighbour on the left is my neighbour on the right.

(wise, superiority) He has matured and he is much .

(pleasant, superiority) It would have been much with you there.

(price, equality) This shirt is the that sweater.

(careful, superiority) Could you try to be next time?

(different, inequality) That song is his last songs.

(thoughtful, superiority) Chocolate is nice but flowers would be .

(dirty, inferiority) That last apartment was the first one.

(same model, inequality) His cellphone is mine.

(important, inferiority) Going out is studying for my exam.