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Grammar  > Adjectives > Superlative Adjectives 1

Type in the correct form of the superlative adjective in parenthesis.

(old, superiority) He is boy in his family.

(large, superiority) His pool is I have ever seen.

(tall, inferiority) She is the in the class.

(big, superiority) I am his fan.

(punctual, inferiority) Maria is employee we have!

(angry, superiority) Disrespect is what makes me .

(gentle, superiority) That little girl is person I know.

(peaceful, superiority) That park is .

(optimistic, inferiority) Samuel is person in the world!

(generous, superiority) My grandfather is man in our family.

(far, superiority) My cousin is the one who lives .

(adventurous, inferiority) My mother is woman on this trip.