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Grammar  > Articles, Prepositions and Quantifiers > Indefinite Quantifiers 2 (some, any, a few, a little, much)

Choose the correct word of indefinite quantity.

During our trip we took pictures of beautiful lakes and waterfalls.

Does Fred have brothers and sisters in his family?

Could you buy fruit, please? We don’t have more in the fruit bowl.

Maggie didn’t buy new clothes for work, this year. She is saving money.

Did you have mistakes on the quiz?

We have to buy new furniture for our apartment in Ottawa.

Does Mark know answers?

If you are not sure, it is better to ask your teacher questions.

Can I have water, please? I’m thirsty.

Is there Swiss cheese? Yes, there is in the refrigerator.

Jake doesn’t have friends, but he wants to have .

Does she need money to pay for dinner? No, she has .