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Vocabulary  > Antonyms 4

Choose the correct antonym:

(old / new) Yesterday, I bought a pair of jeans.

(buy / sell) Do you want to your old computer and a new one?

(dislike / enjoy) We going to the restaurant, but we slow, poor service.

(slow / fast) Many people drive dangerously too in the city. Others drive too .

(near / far) Quebec City is not from Trois Rivières. It is situated the St. Lawrence River.

(artificial / natural) Today, there are too many sweeteners in the food we eat.

(admit / deny) George wouldn’t that he made the mistake on the report.

(courage / cowardice) Do you have the to report that shoplifter to the police?

(cruel / kind) It’s to hurt animals.

(disease / health) In order to say healthy and avoid we should eat well and get lots of exercise.

(fresh / stale) Don’t eat that bread! It’s and not at all.

(vacant / occupied) This office space is . If you want to rent it, call the head office.

(straight / crooked) We drove down a bumpy, road. It wasn’t , so we had to be careful.