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Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks in the following text.

Last week, my sister Clara, her two kids and went on a road trip. left early in the morning. First, drove 200 kilometers to a small, quaint village. The scenery was amazing, but the kids were getting restless.

So, I decided to stop for some gas. Clara wanted to buy some chewing gum, and get something to drink. to have snacks, while she is travelling. kids wanted to get something to eat, too. bought some chips and nuts. I filled up the car with gas and went inside the gas station to pay. Wow! Gas is expensive these days.

We continued trip to the next town. There had lunch and met some interesting people who were travelling with motor home. Next, we continued on road trip, for about an hour. Finally, reached our destination at a beautiful lake. was the perfect time to go for a swim! The kids were happy to spend the rest of the day visiting the surrounding area.