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Vocabulary  > Phrasal Verbs 3 (Inseparable)

Choose the best phrasal verb and be careful to use the correct verb tense:

catch up with / come along with / come by / count on / drop in on / get in / get off / go for / hear from / look up to

We our Math homework, last night. We are having a test soon.

Do you want to us to the concert, tonight?

They [not] their daughter for a few hours. They were worried.

We are you to solve the problem, right now.

My best friend said to his house at 8 p.m.

Some of our friends us, last night.

We the bus at the corner of First Street and Third Avenue, last night.

Come on! the car, we have to leave! Thanks.

When I was young, I my older brother for help and motivation.

Why aren’t you the white car? Is it too expensive?