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Grammar  > Modal Auxiliaries > Advice: Should 2

Using the clues in brackets, give some advice in the following situations:

Sara works long hours. [she, to rest]

She should rest.

Ottawa is very interesting. [you, to visit]

You should visit it. (or You should visit Ottawa.)

This car is too expensive. [he, to buy, ?]

Should he buy it? (or Should he buy this car?)

Harry is always stressed. [he, learn to relax]

He should learn to relax.

Ken drives fast. [he, not, to drive]

He shouldn’t drive fast. (or He should not drive fast.)

Jake wants to come to the party. [you, to invite]

You should invite him. (or You should invite Jake.)

Julie watches too much T.V. [she, not, to watch]

She shouldn’t watch too much T.V. (or She should not watch too much T.V.)

He has an exam tomorrow. [he, to study]

He should study.

You’re still sick. [you, not, go back to work]

You shouldn’t go back to work. (or You should not go back to work.)

Sara needs a change. [she, go on vacation,?]

Should she go on vacation?