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Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

We didn’t have to the plane an hour early.

They at the answer, and they were .

When did you buy that winter coat? really nice and warm.

They have children. very polite.

Which do you prefer? It doesn’t matter to me.

Good . See you tomorrow!

on vacation, right now.

Some people have very good and they live a long life.

We eat once a week and fish once a month.

is your favorite color, blue or green?

The prisoner is locked up in his .

Did Peter have the , last winter? It was really going around.

There aren’t many visitors this year.

We love to have with fries and mayonnaise.

Didn’t they go to the this summer? The beaches are amazing!

My grandmother used to all of her own clothes.

Have you read the about the Old Man and the Sea?

A hotel costs more than a single room.

If you eat too many sweets, you will gain .

coming to class, today?