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Re-write the sentences using be + going to and the keyword:


Fred is happy. (tomorrow) -> Fred is going to be happy tomorrow.

This exam is difficult. (next week)

This exam is going to be difficul next week.

It rains. (tomorrow)

It is going to rain tomorrow.

We move to Ottawa. (next year)

We are going to move to Ottawa next year.

She leaves. (early)

She is going to leave early.

It’s a beautiful day. (tomorrow)

It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow.

He eats a ham sandwich. (in a few minutes)

He is going to eat a ham sandwich in a few minutes.

We walk home from work. (tonight)

We are going to walk home from work tonight.

They aren’t busy. (this afternoon)

They aren’t going to be busy this afternoon.

Is he ready? (tomorrow)

Is he going to be ready tomorrow?

She plays soccer. (on the weekend)

She is going to play soccer on the weekend.