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Identify the cognates in the following sentences. If the cognate is used properly (a true cognate), write OK in the space provided. If there is a mistake (a false cognate), rewrite the sentence correctly.

Theo achieved his homework early.

False cognate: achieved

This road is a real danger.

Cognate: real

My husband is travelling for affairs.

False cognate: affairs

I prefer to buy rechargeable batteries.

Cognate: rechargeable

He did not pay me in full, he gave me an account.

False cognate: account

I need to recuperate my notebook from your house.

False cognate: recuperate

I will be absent from work tomorrow.

Cognate: absent

Ethan's new jeans are rude.

False cognate: rude

This is very grave situation.

False cognate: grave

He needs to fix his bicycle.

Cognate: fix