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Write the verb in the simple past tense in the blank spaces. Use the word in parentheses as a clue.

(go) Last Thursday, Brian and Kim to Toronto.

(go, not) We on vacation last year.

(buy, be) He a new jacket last week. It very expensive and over his budget.

(speak) you to the manager about changing your schedule?

(enjoy, not) They their vacation in Montreal two weeks ago.

(work, not) He yesterday. He was sick.

(study) We for our final English exam last night. I’m sure we’ll pass.

(hear) They about the horrible car accident in Quebec three days ago.

(read, be) I an interesting book last week, while I on vacation.

(have, have) What you for breakfast this morning? I coffee and toast.

(snow) Yesterday morning, it a lot.

(forget, be) you to pay your telephone bill? It due yesterday.