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Grammar  > Verbs and Verb Tenses > Conditional with Would / Wouldn’t 2

Write the correct form of the verb in parentheses, or use the conditional would or wouldn't.

If he (to have) enough time, he help you with that problem.

Even if she (to have) a lot of money, she buy a house.

Unless the weather (to be) nice, we to go to the beach.

She change her mind, even if he (to try) to convince her.

They move to Vancouver if they (to be) ready.

They get married if they (to be) in love.

she listen if you (to give) her some advice?

you live in Toronto if you (to have) some friends there?

it be better to leave early, even if the weather is fine?

We like to win the race, but our chances (to be) very good.

Sara change her job, even if she (to get) a raise in pay.