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If the sentence is correct, write OK in the blank space. If not, rewrite the sentence without errors.

We saw a flock of birds, some deer, and some snakes in the forest.

The job requires computer skills and time management.

Which do you prefer? Science, Computing or studying Math?

She likes apples, pears, kiwi and eating mangoes.

Let’s go to the pub and getting a beer.

Can you get some coffee and tea?

During the interview, I explained my job performance, evaluated my strengths and weaknesses, and talked about my future goals.

Which is your favourite pet: a bird, a cat or training a dog?

Jake’s apartment is really messy. There are old newspapers, a lot of garbage and dirty dishes everywhere.

The weather is really bad today. There are dark clouds and heavy raining.

We went shopping and bought shirts, pants and looking for T-shirts.

The most dangerous forms of transportation are bicycles, cars, and riding an ATV.

Which course are you taking next: History, English or Math?

My dad collects stamps, coins, and hockey cards.