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Extra Exercices
Grammar  > Nouns > Plurals: Regular and Irregular 3

Listen to the dictation. Write the correct word in the blank spaces.

Kayla came here three ago from Barbados to study. She lives with a family near her school. The Murrays welcomed Kayla with open arms. They have three : two and a girl. The girl is named Lauren and is nineteen, the same age as Kayla. The young attend the same school and have almost the same .

Kayla and Lauren quickly became . They have many : they don’t like or ; they do like and .

They share their and , and often visit the city’s together. They are afraid of , and . They both take their seriously and work hard.

All in all, Kayla has found a home here. She is now part of two : one in her homeland where her and are, and one here with the Murrays, her friends and , and all the who got to know her.