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Extra Exercices
Grammar  > Nouns > Plurals: Regular and Irregular 2

Write the correct word from the word bank in the blank spaces. Don’t forget to use the plural form when necessary.

child / city / dictionary / fish / knife / man / mouse / pajama / person / sheep / woman

Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal are three major in Canada.

My niece has two , a boy, 4 years old, and a girl, 2 years old. They are adorable.

Please put the spoons, and forks in the drawer, after they’re washed and dried.

He met many interesting and friendly on his trip across Canada.

Don’t forget to bring your French and English to class.

Do you often see in your kitchen?

There were two and three who applied for the same job.

Have you ever seen grazing on the side of the road?

Did you wear comfortable when you were a child?

How many did you catch at the lake?