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Write the correct word from the word bank in the blank spaces. Add of when necessary.

audience / bunch / class / club / collection / committee / crowd / flock / jury / orchestra / team / union

At the concert last week, the was very enthusiastic and applauded loudly.

Every year, a geese fly south for the winter.

For my birthday, my husband gave me a roses.

Have you ever been on a social at your adult education centre?

I love to work on a .

Last year, I had to go to court. I was a member of the .

Many workers belong to a in order to have job security.

My husband belongs to a poker and he enjoys it very much.

Our daughter plays the flute in an .

Our English is on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

The noisy people cheered their favorite football team.

When Freddie was a kid, he had a hockey cards.