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Grammar  > Modal Auxiliaries > Polite Requests: Could / Would 1

Click on each blank space to choose the correct modal to complete the text.

Sara, photocopy these letters right away, please?

Fred, help me with the computer. He was too busy.

Shelly, send me the document by e-mail as soon as possible?

Student: you help me find the answer to this problem?

Teacher: Of course. It be a pleasure.

Customer: I like to make a reservation for dinner, please.

Receptionist: Certainly. What time you like to arrive?

Patient: I like to make an appointment with Dr. Hall, please.

Receptionist: I’m sorry, but Dr. Hall is not taking new patients. you like to see someone else?

Hi Sasha. I’m having trouble with my car. you please come and take a look? Thanks very much!

Fred, you like to have a cup of coffee?

you open the door, please?

you please be quiet?