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Vocabulary  > False Cognates 1

Click on each blank space to choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

We love to go to the to borrow books.

How much would you to fix the brakes?

In fact, we are not hiring . Maybe we will in a couple of weeks.

Our neighbours are very and generous, too.

Are you ready to for next session?

Did you rent some for the band to practise?

When we went on vacation, we bought a few at the gift shop.

Do you read the every day?

We had a very day.

My daughter is a very person. She saves her money.

Did you enjoy reading that ? It looks interesting.

The officer came to my .

Life is a . We need to make the most of every day.

When are you going to take a this year?

The old living room will need to cleaned soon.

Are you going to take the that the doctor prescribed?

We had a very instructor.

Were you after the accident?