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Rewrite the sentences in negative or question form.

The teacher explained the rule. (negative form)

The teacher didn’t (or did not) explain the rule.

She changed her job. (question form)

Did she change her job?

He will give an answer. (negative form)

He won’t (or will not) give an answer.

You work every summer. (question form)

Do you work every summer?

He will pass the exam. (negative form)

He won’t (or will not) pass the exam.

She wins the race. (question form)

Does she win the race?

I will change my mind. (negative form)

I won’t (or will not) change my mind.

He gave you some change. (question form)

Did he give you some change?

She loves chocolate. (negative form)

She doesn’t (or does not) love chocolate.

What does she like to eat? (negative form)

What doesn’t she like to eat?