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Extra Exercices
Grammar  > Articles, Prepositions and Quantifiers > Articles 2 (a / an / the)

Click on each blank space to choose the correct article to complete the sentence. Remember: ø means NO article.

A: Would you like to go to movies tonight?

B: Sure. I have time.

A. Have you seen my jacket?

B: It’s on chair in living room.

A: Did you see any animals on your trip?

B. Yes. We saw bear, mountain lion and eagle.

A. We are moving to Nova Scotia, next year.

B. Great! Are you moving to Halifax?

A. My friend speaks German.

B. That’s terrific. Does he speak Italian, too?

A. My cousin was in really bad car accident last week.

B. That’s terrible. Was he hurt?

A. Yes. He had broken arm, broken leg and injured eye.

B. Is he in hospital?

A. No, he is at home.

A. music you like best is country.

B. That’s right. It’s my favourite, but I like rock music, too.

A. In newspaper, I read about amazing swimmer.

B. That’s very interesting. Did they talk about male or female swimmer?

A. winter is my favourite season of the year.

B. I like winter too, but my favourite season is spring.

A. Sara went to Niagara last week, and she saw Falls.

B. Wow! Did she take boat ride, too?