Course Overview

The Biology Program and This Biology Course

The Transmission of Hereditary Characteristics is one of the nine courses in the Biology Program for basic adult general education. Students who complete this 50-hour course can earn two Secondary V credits provided they pass a supervised examination administered by a Québec school board. Before taking this course, learners must successfully complete the Secondary IV French and mathematics courses, or the equivalent. The four terminal objectives of this course are as follows:

  • To explain how hereditary characteristics are transmitted;
  • To explain the transmission of human hereditary characteristics linked to blood type;
  • To explain problems associated with the transmission of hereditary characteristics;
  • To associate the causes of certain mutations with their effects.

An Enriching Experience

Online learning is a dynamic experience. Throughout the course, you will establish a dialogue with an intelligent site that will respond to your input with immediate explanations and feedback. You will learn by interacting with detailed illustrations and dynamic animations, listening to sound clips and using Web resources.

A Challenge to Be Met

Learning does not happen on its own; it is the result of a process. This online course will require as much commitment on your part as any traditional course. And, since the course content is set out in a non-linear, open environment, you will have to get organized and apply yourself.

Of course, you can use the practical tools and technical aids within the course to help you and you can count on the support of your instructor or tutor. You will also have access to practical and simple tools to keep track of your progress in the course.

Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own learning. This responsibility is part of the enriching experience of online learning.

Ready to Continue?

Before you begin this course, we suggest that you read How This Course Work under the Getting Started tab.

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