The Transmission of Hereditary Characteristics

Cell Basics  Genes

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Now that you have completed the first module in the section entitled The Mechanisms of Heredity, you should be familiar with the cell and genes. Answer the following ten questions and submit the completed assignment to your instructor.

Question 1

What is the difference between a chromosome and chromatids?


Question 2

What is the difference between chromatin and chromosomes?


Question 3

What is meant by the complementarity of the nitrogenous bases in two joined DNA nucleotides and how is it expressed?


Question 4

Explain the following statement: "Genes contain the information needed to make proteins."


Question 5

What is a gene?


Question 6

What is a genome?


Question 7

What are ribosomes and what role do they play?


Question 8

What differentiates one gene from another?


Question 9

List three types of proteins that can be produced by a cell.


Question 10

What is the role of the cell nucleus?


What I Know Now1Share Your Opinion2Quiz3Scored Assignment 14

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