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The course entitled The Transmission of Hereditary Characteristics is part of the Biology program for general adult education and takes about 50 hours to complete. Explore the first module of the course, entitled Cell Basics, and view the first scored assignment.
Table of Contents
Instructor’s comments
Section 1 - The Mechanisms of Heredity
    Cell Basics Scored Activity 1  
    Cell Division Scored Activity 2  
  End-of-section Test I  
Section 2 - The Laws of Heredity
    Mendel's Experiments Scored Activity 3  
    Crossbreeding Scored Activity 4  
  End-of-section Test II  
Section 3 - Health Problems Related to
    The Heredity of Blood Types Scored Activity 5  
    Sex Chromosomes, Mutations and Hereditary Diseases Scored Activity 6  
  End-of-section Test III  

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