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Instructors/Tutors - Policies

Free services: creation of an account and trial access to a course

The creation and access to an instructor/tutor file, and to courses on a trial basis are free services provided to instructors or tutors who are interested in the courses available on eduSOFAD.

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Who is eligible?

All instructors or tutors, whether in a public or private institution, may ask to create a personal account. Please note that this request will take a few days to process.

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Access periods for courses

The maximum trial period for a course is six months. The access period for a course for which you are the instructor or tutor will be maintained provided that at least one learner is active in the program. The instructor or tutor also retains access to the course for three months following the last learner’s access period.

You will be notified before your session expires. Once you have received notification you will have the opportunity to extend your access period.

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Number of access privileges

Instructors or tutors may access up to five courses for trial periods and as many courses as necessary for supervising learners.

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